Find out more about Jane Slayre by Charlotte Bronte, Sherri Browning Erwin at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more. Jane Slayre Trade Paperback By Sherri Browning Erwin Original Story by Charlotte Bronte Gallery Books Release Date: April 13, The re-writing of history’s most epic novels continues apace with Sherri Browning Erwin’s literary mash-up Jane Slayre, which gives Charlotte.

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By jqne to use this website, you agree to their use. Rochester while keeping a wary eye over his shoulder, watching a vampyre stalk closer, unbeknownst to any but herself. Sign up and get a free eBook!

Jane Slayre: The Literary Classic with a Blood-Sucking Twist

Sometimes, if I woke in the afternoon and she chanced to be awake and in good humour, she would tell lighter jwne for my ears alone, tales of love and adventure taken from old fairy tales or folk songs.

There were a lot more deeper issues with the initial relationship than Bertha I mean, he has to go blind and disabled for them to get together!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the original Jane Eyre or anybody who is at all interested in any kind of supernatural stories especially, jnae you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Most of the time he hides behind closed doors.


Book Review: Jane Slayre

Well, at least until the end. I’m a sucker for slayers. I find them refreshing and fun.

I want to thank Sherri for a wonderfully entertaining couple of days and a most enjoyable read. Apr 15, Cheryl rated it really liked it. I longed to see them in the daylight, to watch them twitter and flit. It was cut down to a shorter size, to include the additions, and perhaps make it more easily understood by a modern audience. Perhaps I should make you one of us and force you out into the sun.

This book drew dlayre into the scary and morbid world of Jane Slayre. As she grows up, will she continue on with her destiny as a Slayer or is she for the life of a Victorian housewife? Overall, Erwin does a great job of mixing this supernatural twist into the classic piece of literature. Apr 14, Bridget rated it it was amazing.

Once Jane meets St. Mash-ups like this, where the original text is changed slightly instead of wholly rewritten, are a bit difficult to review.

Jane Slayre: The Literary Classic with a Blood-Sucking Twist by Sherri Browning Erwin

How awesome would that be? I mus I think I read about the first 10 pages of this. His eyes widened with an unmistakable look of envy.


With slayer blood in her veins, she quickly disposes of them with elegance and fury.

The slaying is done, Mr. You are commenting using your WordPress. If she could, she would return as a zombie and try and take down Jane Slayre and Sheri Browning Erwin.

Notify me of new posts via email. They help bring a wonderful classic to a new audience. I disliked how the novel included only the three “popular” fictional horror creatures but not others.

Review: Jane Slayre

Featuring a Gallery Books Readers Guide. Perhaps it is just the combination of the two. I knew he would soon strike, and while dreading the bite, I mused on what it might be like to be one of them, to live forever in the dark with no hope of ever returning to the light.

There were so many lines of original dialogue that fused perfectly with a fantastical plot. He who was so kind to let me live and not drink my blood at tea?