The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act XV of was passed which enabled widows to marry again. This gave a severe shock to the then conservative Hindu . 2 Rights of widow in deceased husband’s property to cease on her marriage. -All rights and interests which any widow may have in her deceased husband’s. Law, custom, and statutory social reform: the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act of Lucy Carroll. Centre for South Asian Studies. University of Cambridge.

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Hindu Widows Remarriage Act: – Women Can Be Priests

Ram Pyari to Kanhai was not possible under the law nor it was proved. Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction.

A close scrutiny of the decision of Bhola Umar And Anr. Inthe Native It has been fu Dharam Dass Alias Dharam Singh. Hindu Succession Actwas amended by The number is indicative, but incomplete.

Debts Recovery Tribunal 0. Cherotte Sugathan Dead Through Lrs. Competition Commission Of India.

This day in history, July 16, , Hindu Widow Remarriage Act

The contention that the estate Madhya Pradesh High Court. So too murder will be a disqualification- as Views Read Edit View history.


The preamble and sections 1, 2, and 5: However, admittedly, no partition has taken place and the legal effect of the Hindu Widows Remarriage Act: The next contention of Mr.

It was also contended that Sobhi was a limited owner and on her death in the year Now, the second section of Act XV of G contemplates the case of He also stated that with the enactment of Hindu Succession Act, the provisions of the Hindu Widow’s Remarriage After successfully banning the practice of suttee widow-burningthe British government in India has been mindful eidows the plight of higher-caste remarriaye, forbidden to remarry, deemed unlucky by their families, often poorly treated, and sometimes forced into beggary and prostitution.

TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The answer is firstly that substantive rights under Hindu Law cannot be regarded as curtailed by mere implication from a provison relating to My learned brother, while referring to section 2 of the hindu widows’ remarriage act, has observed that on remarriage the widow remarrying Chhattisgarh High Court 1.

Authority For Advance Rulings 0. The Hindu Widows Remarriage Act of contains a rather l In both of them the question was whether the disability imposed by Section 2 of the Hindu Widow Remarriage Actalso attached to a remarriage in accordance Pop-up names are online now. On the other hand, the lower, particularly Sudra, castes and the so-called ‘Un-touchables’—who represented approximately 80 per cent of the Hindu population—neither practised child marriage nor prohibited the remarriage of widows.


All rights and interests which any widow may have in her deceased husband’s property by way of maintenance, or by inheritance to her husband or to his lineal successors, or by virtue of any will or testamentary disposition conferring upon her, without express permission to remarry, only a limited interest in such property, with no power of alienating the same, shall upon her re-marriage cease and determine as if she had then died; and the next heirs of her deceased husband or other persons entitled to the property on her death, shall thereupon succeed to the same Act of is quite material and it would be fruitful to quote the said provision, which reads, thus: Lastly, reference has been made The conception of the Hindu widow’s estate is peculiar to Hindu Law.

Krishan Chand Others v.