In a few weeks I will be 57, the age at which my dear brother Richard had a stroke. This guy is a PhD nutritionist, and was out for his obligatory. The Virtuoso Grace Burrowes I can’t really catalog all the errors in the book and while I am a historical rube, there were obvious ones such as. The Virtuoso By Grace Burrowes – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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That was his deep dark pain? Val’s family is too complicated in structure and never fully explained – this is apparently book 3 but trying to connect everyone together is confusing and the villain menacing Ellen didn’t quite seem all that menacing, th a nuisance who, in the end, disappears without a fight.

View on the Mobile Site. It’s amazing how often these aristocrats take the law into their own hands, and I just hope it’s not true in real life. He is a very talented pianist and he saves all his passion for his music.

There are also several emotional scenes burrowed well enough to bring tears to my eyes, especially the musical scene referred to earlier. Blatant sex scenes in books are tiresome and it’s the same shit over and over again.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. The story is a game of luck, a stroke of chance with all kinds of meddling in the affairs of the heart. I know a novel requires that there is a problem the hero or heroine must overcome, but it always bothers me just a little when a strong thhe character from a previous book becomes the main character in his own story and his life has suddenly become miserable.


The Virtuoso by Grace Burrowes – FictionDB

I’m glad that Val didn’t take many chapters to make his first move with the the heroine. Grace Burrowes is a very talented writer, and she creates characters you come to really care about.

It’s all, oh, I love you, but I cannot marry you, I am not worthy bullshit. Ellen is happy when she sees Valentine again. I wanted to shake Ellen and slap her around. Lord Valentine Windham has a courtesy title, however being one of the surviving two out of four sons of a duke have made him wary of ladies of the ton. Grace Burrowes has become my safety-net. Her husband had not burrodes Freddy to provide for Ellen and had set up his will so she would be well taken care of and Freddy would only get a quarterly allowance.

Mar 03, Astoria rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 27, Megan rated it it was ok.

The Virtuoso by Grace Burrowes

Since I discovered this book first I will read the first two books of the trilogy about Val and his brother slightly out of order, and look forward to buerowes further adventures of his five sisters in their future books. The ending was silly and improbable, but I guess it fits the silliness of the story.

After quick willingness to engage in intimate relations with the men they love, continued seeking of burrowee attentions, and professions of “I will always love you, but cannot marry you,” the female characters become unbelievable. Is this feature helpful?


It is easy to feel transported to this time and place in Regency England. The story was skewed more towards Val’s point of view anyway. Praise for The Heir: Other than that I loved this book.

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If you read The Heir and The Soldier, The Virtuoso will catch you up on the Windhams you already know and will bring into bright focus the youngest of the sons, Valentine, who has always felt like a misfit th his father did not understand. There are so many other background characters that show up here that have their own books, and Burrowes has said that she had written like eight or nine of the Lords books by the time they were deciding what to publish first, and maybe I’m weird, but I would have published them a lot closer to chronological order.

Neither is he passive. Two very sensitive artistic souls that burrowss belong together forever. Grace Burrowes, the author of The Virtuosois one of those people who really understands the emotions, depth, and meaning of music, and she conveys it beautifully through the hero. This is the last book in the Windham series and yes, I have read all three, and they burrodes all just okay.

Nov 23, D-Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Valentine had enchanted great audiences with his amazing music.