In the last article about Dreadfleet I wrote about warships and their characteristics . In this article I will explain some of the basic rules that you. Dreadfleet was a naval combat game created by Games Workshop, set in their Graveyard, a realm on the border of life and death, forming the Dreadfleet. I’ve been thinking of picking up a copy of Dreadfleet as I’m starting to really and components entirely and use another game’s rules instead.

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Joking aside those two words really do sum up the game. If it is located in the rear arc of your ship then you have bonus movement.

As it stands it’s a fun self-contained little skrimish boardgame, rather than a wargame. The game was pointlessly random.


I guarantee you would have seen situations where people would head to Ebay for an additional copy’s worth of ships to bulk up each fleet, even with the single-release matter of the game meaning that it had no future for growth. I actually love Star Trek! Ads by Project Wonderful! In order to know how strong the wind is, you should always look at the top card of fate cards discard pile.

Oh my goodness, that’s an amazing idea! Secondly, I hope the end-phase of this project is a PDF errata that summarizes the rule-changes.

Dreadfleet: Basic Rules

The price here was way to much for me at release as you said justifying it to the wife would have been tough. You should always check a wind gauge when you activate your warship.

March 6, at 4: Plug it with the Cabin Boy: I don’t think the dreadfleet ships dimensions would be such a huge problem for gameplay; in fact it could add a dimension of gameplay that the attack wing games lack. I am hoping to utilise them in Man-O-War somehow as fleet flagships along with the islands and monsters. July 16, at 9: September 6, at 4: General consensus is “meh” with a few calling it great, and more calling it fail.


Ok, well, it still seems like my best bet, but I’ll have to have a really hard think as to how I’m going to be able to solve that problem. The Sands of Time: November 6, at This message was edited 2 times. Doing Damage still keeping the damage deck, but the hull and crew value added together equal the total amount of cards a ship can take before it sinks, and for each failed armour save of 1, flip the damage card and apply the effects, this acts as a critical, the ship is sunk if it reaches 0 crew or hull as normal this is to allow more control of damage given the bigger ships need to be hit more often, reducing crew helps in boarding and other special damage just make it more vulnerable, upgrade fate cards do their normal thing when applied to a ship.

Their side consisted of a ship from the Cult of Sigmar called the Heldenhammer that sports a cathedral on board yes, we have cathedral ships in Fantasy too and a giant robot Sigmar statue at the helm which was stolen by a Sartosan whose family Noctilus killed for lulz, a High Elf Dragon Ship canonically the most powerful things in the watery parts of the world in the Warhammer universe called the Seadrake which consisted of fortified towers and live dragons, the Flaming Scimitar from Araby which was powered by djinn of different elements and was essentially a spellcaster ship, the Swordfysh which was I would be very happy if there are going to be some expansions in the future, although I highly doubt it.

It seems to have been a design intention that the ships would all take a battering but that sinking them would be relatively rare. Read the Full Rules Here! The only thing is that I almost fell asleep during the damage explanation on their Kickstarter, so maybe an amalgamation of Star Wars’ dice rolling and Sails of Glory’s movement could be used. I just watched Tom Vassel’s review of Star Trek and he said that while the two games are very similar, Star Trek’s ships are bigger and can take more damage than X-Wing’s, which seems about perfect!


Rues in the box for now Mostly this is because I need to check the auxiliary rules. Curious to know as well!

Need Rulebook | Dreadfleet | BoardGameGeek

My only drewdfleet are that you mention where it came from and posted a link here too so that people could find the translated version if they needed to. In boarding actions the damage is taken directly, without a save as normal. I need to play the rules before I post them. But with time, it could work.

Dreadfleet: Basic Rules – TABLE TOP HELL

Canonically, as relayed in the Dreadfleet novella by Phil Kellythe forces of Order defeated the forces of Destruction by chasing them into the Galleon’s Graveyard and sealing the central whirlpool with a massive magical explosion. The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.

Damage cards can affect different parts of your ship and change its characteristic. Yeah I think making up rules or using existing frigate rules for dreadfleet models would get some life out of it still. However, this not only means that the game takes longer as you have all of the models to fiddle with every turn, but also means that you can never quite be sure what the effect of a given attack will be.