Other trademarks used throughout this manual are the property of their . How the Scanner’s Controls Are Represented in This Manual. The Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is the follow-up to Uniden’s premier analog mobile scanner, the manual for the radio is contained on a CD-ROM, in PDF format. View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf.

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The scanner will give you the option ‘ Restore Preprogram List?

Tone-Out Standby Mode is used if you know and use programmed tones. In all major metropolitan areas of the United States, every available bct155x channel is assigned to more than one user.

Programming A Same Group This setting determines which types of signals will trigger an alert.

Press to hold in Band Scope Mode. There are links to refer you back here while you are programming. Used for ‘Search with Scan’ only. To select Bt15x press HP twice. DOT appears if Dept. You can also program up to 10 custom frequency ranges that the scanner will ignore.

Of Transportation frequencies or both, on or off in Scan Mode. Set Lockout the default setting is ‘ Unlocked ‘.

Uniden BCT15X Scanner

DOT includes the states’ Department of Transportation services. You may need a gender changer and a null modem adapter to use a typical DB9 serial cable from the rear port. Editing A Service Search In addition to this scan you can search any of the preprogrammed service or custom search ranges.


Even if you don’t fill them out, they are a good check list for programming. LTR systems work a little differently. Close Call, Scan, etc. Your scanner can receive transmissions that use these codes or more commonly referred to as tone codes. See also Deciphering Trunked Systems a t the Wiki. No oncethen enter the home repeater number 01 – 20 and press. In that case, while in Scan mode, press and hold Func to lock function mode. Signal Strength Meter – shows the signal strength for the more powerful transmissions.

Close Call ‘Do-not-Disturb’ checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted.

Then see Storing a Displayed ID. Radio Reference is more user-friendly, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. The scanner becomes an extension of the GPS device.

Top Questions for Uniden BCT15X Scanner

On – the scanner checks conventional priority channels. Press POL once to turn on a state. If you listen to the frequencies of an LTR system in manual mode not trunkingon every channel in the system you will hear this data burst that will sound like a short blip of static like someone keyed up and unkeyed a radio within about msec. The default setting is Yes. This icon turns on while the Priority Scan works and this blinks while Priority Plus works.

Yes – the scanner immediately returns to the control channel when it detects the end code. Text Tagging – you can name each system, site, group, channel, talk group ID, custom search range, location, Tone-Out, and SAME group, using up to 16 characters per name.


Set Alert This setting controls when and how the scanner alerts you if the channel becomes active. The uppermost line is the heading for the level with three choices below. In Close Call Only Mode: The most frustrating thing about this radio is right out of the box, all Bear Tracker features are on by default which makes no sense at all if you don’t know how to turn them off.

They are comprised of three fundamental tones: Set Interval sets how often the scanner will check the priority channels. Priority is checked in between transmissions, when the scanner is receiving the control channel, and during the channel delay period. While Scanning or Searching with Close Call Override set to Offwhen the scanner detects a Close Call signal, the scanner does not override the current audio.

Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual

You can, for example, rotate the knobs as well as press them. Programming General Settings Programming General Settings The following bct5x deals with the general settings of the scanner. The following geographical values are typical of use you might find valuable while traveling. You can only store one trunking system per ‘system’.